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Gabriel cheated and I will make him pay for all his actions; as he said that there is Heaven and Hell, there in Hell is he; I will find him there and take revenge again.
~ His last recorded words before his presumed disapperance

Daniel Felipe Petry (1991-unknown) was a Brazilian youth murderer known for sexually abusing and killing his neighbor Gabriel Kuhn on July 23rd, 2007 in Santa Catarina Brazil.


Daniel Petry had always been a rebel and very aggressive since he was a child, reacting with extreme violence to the slightest provocation, as a result of this his parents sent him to psychiatric therapies but Petry abandoned these sessions and then left school. At home Daniel Petry spent his time watching presumably Brazilian television shows, surfing the internet and playing the online role-playing game known as Tibia. It was in this online world that Daniel would befriend and frequently talk to a local 12yr old named Gabriel Kuhn. On one occasion Gabriel asked Daniel if he could borrow 20,000 in Tibia‘s online virtual currency. Daniel agreed upon the promise that Gabriel would give it back.

Over time Daniel began to ask for the virtual currency that was promised back to him but Gabriel decided to keep it and also ban him from his virtual contacts. This enraged Daniel who then called his mother, who was in Nova Trento, at 9:30 am on the day of the crime and asked her what time she would arrive? Now knowing how much time he would have Daniel knocked on Gabriels door and asked him if he could come it and apologize and work things out. Gabriel opens the door and let him in, because they knew each other and were friends. A mistake he instantly regretted. Daniel Petry closed and locked the door behind him, and then immediately began to give Gabriel a savage and ferocious beating.

It was during this beating Daniel dragged the crying boy over to a bed and began to violenly rape him. After putting his pants back on Daniel noticed Gabriel laying in blood crying and began to laugh. Gabriel threatened to denounce Daniel and tell his parents what happened when they get home. Deciding he would want none of that problem Daniel Petry removed the game console power cord and wrapped it around Gabriel’s neck as he assaulted and vigorously raped him again while tightening the cable strangling Gabriel and simultaneously spattering blood all over the sheets. Now finishing up Daniel decided to Hide the body in a hallway crawl space trap door. But upon lifting the body he realized it was too heavy.

Daniel proceeded to get a knife from the kitchen and hacksaw from the garage so that he might lighten the weight of the torso by removing the legs. Tirelessly working away, only about one or two saw pulls from completely removing the right leg, Gabriel regains consciousness and begin’s screaming and crying do to the immence pain and horror of his live mutilation. Seeing that Gabriel was still alive and could still feel pain, this filled Daniel Petry with joy and excitement and he at that moment decided to cruelly change angles on the saw and immediatly started sawing harder and faster cutting Gabriel in half. It is hoped that Gabriel fainted from the shock. Daniel tried again to stuff the boy into the crawl space trapdoor but still couldn’t manage the angle right. Now bored and frustrated Daniel decided to beat Gabriel’s top half of his corpse and stab it and carve Tibia symbols into his chest. He then left the bloody body by the hallway trap door and the legs in the hallway next to the hacksaw for whoever would be first to come home.

Gabriel Kuhn's Funeral.jpg

Shortly after Gabriel Guillerme Kuhn's brother came home and walked in, he instantly dropped to his knees crying for his mother and screaming for help, another local neighbor saw the body and warned the authorities. When the authorities arrived they found the online virtual argument the boys had in the chat and logged it as evidence. They now knew who was the aggressor and who was responsible. 

Arrested shortly after Daniel Petry admitted all the crime without hesitation or remorse. Astonishing police with the amount of detail of every action and feeling he had while recounting his afternoon with Gabriel. Only getting angry and screaming once dening any claims of homosexuality. But Medical examiners had conclusive fact that Gabriel had been sodomized multiple times. Daniel Petry was admitted to a juvenile delinquency center to be sentenced in September to only three years of socioeducational punishment, imprisoned Petry vows his revenge. when asked by Judge Pereira if he had any last words of remorse or apology for his actions or Gabriel’s family, Daniel said “Gabriel was a coward and a thief. He burns in hell right now where I sent him. And when I die I will find him in hell and finish my revenge.” 

The 20,000 virtual Tibia coins roughly 1.75 US was never returned. 

the judge Alvaro Pereira de Andrade condems Petry of 3 years of prison in September 2007. 

After the event, many Tibia players all over the world protested massively and some quitted, totally repudiated the acts that Petry carried out and claimed that they were not considered potential criminals for playing the same as the killer, although Petry claimed that the game drove him crazy. A network of this game paid tribute to Gabriel. Petry's actions had placed a scar in the Tibia sever he played in.

Since his release, there is currently no record of the whereabouts of Daniel Petry. After failing to report to his supervising officer Authorities have only two theories of what has become of Daniel Petry,

1: He killed himself in order to go to hell and abuse and torture Gabriel for all eternity exacting his revenge but cant since Gabriel is implied to be in heaven.

2: more likely upon release knowing that he would be easy known and recognized he fled to another country (presumbly the USA) to terrorize and victimize someone new. Interpol profilers and Daniels psychiatrists and therapist have released a profile saying that wherever Daniel Petry is, he’s most definitely going to be online gaming, looking for his next victim.

Fake Rumors

Nowadays many people often confused with a resident of São Paulo,identified as Marcos Daniel Petry with the murderer today due to his resemblance, however it is not the real murderer and he suffered some messages of contempt in the social media believing that it was the real murderer, However Marcos Petry is not the murderer since as he never murdered anyone and never had a criminal record.

Things He Had Abusive/Killed/Murdered So Far

Victim’s Scene Method Of Current Victim’s Final Result
Gabriel Kuhn Kuhn House He started attacking Gabriel. He raped, then cut half of his body is later found by Gabriel's brother and Mrs. Kuhn Killed

Brutally Murdered



  • Take revenge on Gabriel (Succeeded)
  • Hide the body in a top hatch (failed)
  • Take revenge on Gabriel in the Afterlife (confirmed failed, will not happen as Gabriel did not do anything to warrant being in hell)


  • The Strange fact is that he only got three years in Jail which is the Brazilian law.
  • Marcos Daniel Petry, a resident of Sao Paulo was wrongly accused of being the murderer today

In media

Raiden Storm Series

Raiden Storm 2019 Workspace Script and Raiden Storm 1

Daniel Petry seemed to be appearance in Raiden Storm series with 2019 Version as a minor antagonist and James-Taylor’s Version also villain named Daniel ‘Hornets’ Petry Pratt and his roles of Major antagonist in scene. The main story appeared in Raiden Storm 1 roles are minor antagonist in cinematic animation cutscene.

Japanese game “Killer contacts” features an unlocksble charlater named Dan F Petry who wields a hacksaw a knife and strangles players while simultaneously taking his or her money.