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Welcome to my wikia pages of James Emirzian Waldementer Software Co., Here is your visited as an guest visitor but you have to see the pages contains are articles, pictures, videos and web-media are preserving from the original game developer and creator, They are met the game reviews, anime reviews, music reviews, movie reviews and others topics. This is where was the first created with Fandom (formerly known as Wikia) since began from 2006 by foundation James Emirzian Waldementer Software Co. created by one-person of whose made the created small indie games based their families of independently game development studios from Thailand.


  1. We wanted to please welcome, You are guest visitor to look for the pages
  2. Keep aware on your view this pages and do not being edited and ruining pages
  3. Do not delete the information
  4. Use informative languages
  5. Don't asked to roles
  6. No mature language
  7. Don't asked to open-source the pages, Without their permission with owner of James Taylor's game produced pages

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